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Annual Flatley Challenge

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Seeking Tech Startups & Emerging Businesses

This dynamic competition is designed to assist startups and emerging businesses in the fields of IT, communications, data storage, connectivity, robotics, clean tech, medical devices, digital health, mobile app design, life sciences and other leading-edge technologies.

Originated by Mr. John Flatley himself, the contest has just completed its 5th year. See our latest press release announcing the 2016 Winners & Runners-Up here.

“I saw a need for startups in New Hampshire to be given a chance to succeed,” Flatley said. “One way to do this, from my perspective, was to provide promising companies free incubation space and a small monetary incentive. As part of the Nashua community, I wanted to do what I could as a property owner to help promote and grow employment in New Hampshire.”

Each year we refer to the current challenge as “the best one yet”. Our ability to continue saying that is a true testament to the increasing caliber of candidates who apply each year and we are proud to see the Flatley Challenge continuing to gain recognition throughout the high tech community.

Each year, the winner(s) of the innovative competition receive free rent for one year for up to 5,000 square feet of office and/or lab space at the Nashua Technology Park (NTP) and/or Nashua Office Park (NOP) at Gateway Hills, and up to $10,000 in fit-up, connectivity and related costs.

The Challenge kicks off each August and applications close at the end of October. There is no application fee and candidates are encouraged to apply online. See link below and on side bar.

Applications should include the executive summary section of the existing business plan, or a thorough description of the nature of the venture including, but not limited to, the history of the business, its proposed or existing product line, the characteristics of the potential market, the general marketing plan and efforts to date, the organization of your business including your management team, existing and projected financial resources available to the business, the long term business goals and its job growth potential for the next three to five years.

A short list of the highest scoring applicants are then invited for a personal interview before a review panel in November. The winning applicants are chosen at the end of December.

The Flatley Challenge is intended to stimulate the development and growth of early-stage companies by providing them both free incubation space plus the opportunity to interact with world class companies already resident at Gateway Hills such as Dell, Skillsoft, Benchmark Electronics, Amphenol TCS, Parallel Wireless, HiSoftware, Plexxi, Infinio, DataGravity and more.

Previous Flatley Challenge winners include Plexxi Inc., VGo Communications, Pilera Software, SMTP, Infinio, XCube and SimQuest Systems. Most remain part of the Gateway Hills community. Previous runners up include AlignMeeting, Performology and AuthEntry. The Flatley Innovation Center at NTP continues to serve as a co-working and incubation center for these three growing companies. We hope that this incubation space continues to aid in their growth and development over the next several years.

Perhaps the biggest Flatley Challenge success story is Plexxi. Laurie Riedel, Vice President of Plexxi said, “Since winning the inaugural Flatley Challenge in 2011, Plexxi has experienced immense growth and success at the Nashua Technology Park. We started out with 10 employees and today we have more than 92. Our original footprint was 8,474 SF. We have expanded five times since then, totaling 27,946 SF. We’re excited for the future and we are proud to be a large anchor and success story for NTP.”

Infinio, a market leader in data storage performance technology and the winner of the 2014 Flatley Challenge “hopes to be here for a long time to come.” Brian Nadeau, Senior Vice President, Product Development of Infinio said, “As one of Flatley Challenge alumni I can say that there’s no place we would rather be, the facility continues to exceed our expectations from both business and personal perspectives and it is a real pleasure to work at this location. We see continuous improvements being made to the site and the growth of many supporting businesses, it’s nice to be a part of something that is growing so rapidly and the efforts here have also become a major asset to help grow Nashua.”

Any questions about the Flatley Challenge should be directed to Kathleen McLaughlin, Marketing Manager for the John Flatley Company at (603) 598-7500 or via email at moc.ocyeltalfnhojnull@nilhgualcm.neelhtak.

2016 Applications Now Closed