Flatley Challenge Hi-Tech Winner: LFS Innovator of the Week

Live Free and Start‘s Innovator of the Week recently featured Mitch Marchand, President of Vybe Software; the winning Hi-Tech company in the 6th Annual Flatley Challenge Startup Competition.

As first place winner of the Flatley Challenge, Vybe Software was awarded the grand prize of free rent for one year for up to 5,000 square feet of office and/or lab space at the Nashua Technology Park at Gateway Hills, and up to $10,000 in fit-up, connectivity and related costs.

When asked, “Who or what was your best resource for starting your company?” in the Live Free and Start interview, Mitch Marchand replied, “[…] the $10,000 prize and a free year of office space from the Flatley Challenge have been immensely helpful in propelling us into 2018 – both from a marketing and resourceful perspective“.  – Live Free and Start


The John Flatley Company is looking forward to welcoming Vybe Software to the Nashua Technology Park at Gateway Hills, Nashua, NH this month.

Mr. John Flatley, President of John Flatley Company and originator of the Flatley Challenge believes in the importance of business growth in New Hampshire. Mr. Flatley explains,  “I saw a need for startups in New Hampshire to be given a chance to succeed. One way to do this, from my perspective, was to provide promising companies free incubation space and a small monetary incentive. As part of the Nashua community, I wanted to do what I could as a property owner to help promote and grow employment in New Hampshire.”

Similarly, Mitch Marchand explained that “from a business perspective, the opportunities and assistance that we have been afforded as a start-up have certainly made [New Hampshire] a great place to grow. From the NHHTC to the Flatley Company to the GNCC to Life Free and Start, the support has been fantastic.” – Live Free and Start


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